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Our 2 missions as a dance company are to provide OPPORTUNITIES for professional dance training and performances in a smaller city and to PARTNER with local non-profits to bring awareness to the good work they are doing through thought-provoking dance pieces!

The letters in our name, I&E, stand for inspire and evoke. Our art is created to challenge thought with conscious art. Our desire is to create conversations that result in more compassion, empathy and change in our community.

Join us and advance the arts in the Coulee Region of Wisconsin!! (La Crosse, Onalaska, Holmen, West Salem, Sparta, La Crescent, etc.)

Your donation will provide us the funding we need to continue to provide these amazing opportunities to dancers (18+) in the area as well as meaningful dance performances in this community.


- Artspire La Crosse ended up being a packed art gallery on a rainy day! Our dance piece encouraged the audience to take time to put their phones down and truly connect with one another. One audience member even said, "That dance made me want to smash my phone!"

- The Juneteenth Celebration performance and youth dance battle were a huge success. We had a large audience and SO many kids came on stage to battle!

- Our first outdoor photoshoot this past Sunday turned out beautifully thanks to the talented photographer All Seitz. I wanted to capture the beauty of dance & freedom in at outdoor space! I am so happy with how this turned out and my dancers were so thankful for this opportunity.


- Dance Workshop in the Rockford, IL area on July 18th for dancers at Step to Grace Dance Academy

- Performance at a fundraiser event for Safe Families on July 31st from 2-5pm. More details to come.

- Our first ever Dance Retreat will be at High Point Retreats in Mindoro, WI on August 26-28. This will be a refreshing weekend for dancers/dance teachers (18+) to connect with nature

Would you be willing to contribute a donation to support the arts?

Other than our occasional master classes that bring in small amounts of revenue, we are completely funded by generous donors like you that believe in the power of the arts! Currently we are not a non-profit so your donation will not be tax-exempt.

Thank you for your consideration in advancing our mission in this community!


Michelle Malone
Artistic Director of I&E Dance Company



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0% of $10,000 goal

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