Mareworthy Charities General Donation

Mareworthy Charities is dedicated to the well-being and protection of Thoroughbred mares whose racing and breeding careers have come to an end. Our mission is to provide these mares with the care they deserve, safeguarding them from suffering and cruelty.

By supporting us, you play a vital role in our efforts to make a positive difference in their lives. Your contributions enable us to offer sanctuary to senior Thoroughbred broodmares, ensuring their golden years are spent in comfort and contentment. Additionally, your support helps us find loving forever homes for adoptable Thoroughbred mares, giving them a second chance at a fulfilling life beyond their racing and breeding careers.

In addition to our rescue and rehoming initiatives, we operate educational programs that aim to empower Thoroughbred owners and engage the wider public. Through these programs, we provide valuable knowledge and resources to ensure responsible horse ownership and promote the welfare of Thoroughbreds at every stage of their lives.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these magnificent animals. Your support enables us to continue our vital work in providing care, finding loving homes, and educating the community about the needs and value of Thoroughbred mares. Join us in our mission to protect and uplift these incredible animals.

Donate today and help us create a brighter future for Thoroughbred mares in need.

Organized by Mareworthy Charities Inc
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 88-4420958
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