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I am turning 17 this year and have decided to choose the gift of giving for my birthday. If you're in a place to purchase a present to celebrate my birthday... I'm asking for presents that I can put into a Housewarming Box.

What is a Housewarming Box?

 The Denver Rescue Mission designed the Housewarming Box program to meet the needs of families who are part of the Family Rescue Ministry and Family Refugee Services.  These families receive a Housewarming Box to help meet their needs as they are settling into a home of their own.

So let's turn my 17th birthday into a Housewarming Box celebration!  There are a couple options to help celebrate my birthday:

- Donate here on Givebutter.  100% of your donations will be used to purchase items to fill the Housewarming Box.

- If you'd like to bring or send a present, visit this Sign-Up Genius to pick your gift!  I'd love to see you to receive the gift or we can provide a shipping address if you'd prefer to order it.  

- Share this campaign on social media!  These 'presents' I'm asking for in celebration of my birthday go to an amazing cause so I'm proud to ask for birthday gifts this year.

Thanks in advance for your support.  As I celebrate another birthday I sit in gratitude for all the true gifts in my life and am looking forward to giving!


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2 supporters

$800 goal

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