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Masks For Docs has one goal: get masks and protective equipment to healthcare workers as quickly as possible.

Over 5,000 American frontline healthcare workers have been infected by coronavirus. Hundreds of doctors and nurses have been hospitalized, and dozens have already died.

In just one month, Masks For Docs has delivered 10,000 face shields and nearly 100,000 free masks to healthcare workers in hard-hit cities around the world. From Boston to Brooklyn, Miami to Manhattan, Seattle to San Antonio, our volunteers work day and night to make sure doctors, nurses, and first responders are protected.

Your donation of $50 allows us to make 15 face shields for doctors and nurses. Healthcare workers need your help today. Thank you! 🙏


Our volunteers have been featured by the Los Angeles TimesVICEABC NewsForbesand Fox News.

Note: Corporate donors may be able to claim donations as a "good will advertising" business expense.

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499 Supporters

87% of $75,000 goal

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