The Art of Giving = The Giving of Art Round One


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Bill Rhea


In the tradition of the great art patrons, I invite you to become a patron of my work.

I paint so that others can enjoy what I've seen. So I really want my paintings to live with you -- not me. During these challenging financial times, here's my idea for how to make that happen.

I invite you to support one of my paintings. If it's a piece you like, you can become its patron.

Once I have raised the amount of its designated value (less than its sales price) through patronage -- one of you, its patrons, will own it!

To determine the future owner, I will put all of your names in a hat, and Kali will choose the painting's future owner!


Kali (the artist's faithful assistant)

There are five patronage levels:
$10 gets your name entered twice.
$20 gets your name entered four times.
$50 gets you ten times.
And $100 gets your name entered 25 times!

BUT -- should you fall in love with this painting and can't wait to have it, you can also become its owner and patron right here -- at this special value!

Thank you so much for supporting my painting -- be you Gertrude, Isabella, Peggy or Lorenzo! I hope my work brings you as much joy as it does me!

The first painting is: MASSIVE



14 supporters

$1,400 goal

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