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This fundraiser was established on August 10, 2023


Weʻre sure that many of you have been seeing the devastating footage coming out of Maui from the shocking and catastrophic fires. These fires have completely leveled many areas on Maui. Lāhainātown is gone! Lāhainā Hawaiian Homestead deeply affected with many houses burned to the ground. Homes, businesses, and lives lost; thousands severely impacted whom have lost everything.

We are calling on our Colorado family to come together and help rally some support for the first responders and organizations on the ground that will be helping rescue, shelter, and care for those who are lost or displaced.

While everyone is welcome to make individual donations using the information below, a larger scale donation made as a collective community from all Pacific Islanders and our extended friends and family here in Colorado, may be more meaningful and impactful.

Below are several vetted organizations with established response plans and in need of financial support. Please specify which organization you would like your donation to go to. We will be completely transparent through this process so that you all know where exactly your money is going and you all can hold us accountable.

-Maui Strong Fund - Stewarded by the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation: providing financial resources to support the immediate and long-term recovery needs for the people and places affected by the devastating Maui wildfires.

-'Āina Momona -

Grassroots non profit organization with a strong reputation for supporting and advocating for Native Hawaiians. Will be focusing relief efforts on fire fighters and first responders for the County of Maui

PLEASE NOTE: If you have previously donated to this fundraiser and chose the Maui Fire Department, your donation will still go directly to the MFD.

-Maui Mutual Aid Fund -

Grassroots community organization known for its focus on underrepresented and vulnerable populations during disasters and day to day struggles, including kūpuna, those with disabilities, and those uninsured.

Everyone knows someone who is affected by this. Please consider donating!!

Organized by Colorado4Maui
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