In Memory of the Amazing Melissa Hodgins

Donations will fund innovative teacher grants and efforts to boost racial equity in our schools


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We were so sad to learn of the passing of incredible CHB teacher, Melissa Hodgins. Melissa was one of our most creative MFEE teacher grantees. She frequently submitted proposals that deepened learning and nurtured a warm, exciting classroom.

We remember talking with Melissa shortly after schools went remote in 2020, and true to her unfailing positive spirit, she talked about how remote learning was pushing her to become an even better teacher. She had discovered new digital tools and prioritized spending even more time paying attention to the social/emotional health of each student.

Melissa was also one of MFEE's most dedicated Learning Circles on Race facilitators. We'll always remember her willingness to be vulnerable when talking about issues of race and her fierce desire to deepen her understanding of racism. Melissa called people in with grace, and took action with courage. We have lost a masterful teacher, and we are lucky that she shared her bright spirit with our kids and our community.

Donations made to MFEE in memory of Melissa will continue to fund innovative teacher grants and efforts to boost racial equity in our schools.



13 supporters

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