Dear Friends of Tech My School, 

Greetings and welcome to our monthly newsletter. In this newsletter we will talk about all of the latest happenings within our non profit organization, we will celebrate what we accomplished this month, and will end it with what our plans are for the coming weeks. We hope you find this letter informative, uplifting, and maybe even a little hopeful towards the future of Puerto Rican children, which is what we care most about. 

If you don't know who we are, we are Tech My School, an approved 501c3 and 1101.01 non profit organization based in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Our goal is to modernize the education of Puerto Rico by partnering with local schools and serving them at no cost to them. We provide technology (hardware & software), training, and consultancy to our partner schools in order to improve their educational systems, build the capacity of their staffs, and empower as many students as possible. This is a community based effort: we have a professional team of 10+ volunteers, we continue to make new partnerships with schools and other like minded organizations who care about Puerto Rico's future.  

At Tech My School we had a very event filled and fruitful August. Our new partnerships with Kingdom Academy and Foresta Rincon really blossomed as we enacted our individualized tech plans (ITP's) for the schools. We met and trained their staffs, designed and implemented solutions, and got into the classrooms with the kids. Here are some of our accomplishments for the month of August:

Our Service to our Partner Schools:

Kingdom Christian Academy (Rio Grande):

- Developed and delivered 5 training sessions to their staff based on their ITP.

- Created and setup 3 new educational systems (Google, Seesaw, Epic)

- We purchased, designed, managed, and published a new website for the school (

- Acquired Google for Education for the school, a $60k value, and then trained staff on how to best utilize it. 

Robertson Private School (Luquillo):

- Developed and instructed in-service training for whole staff in 5 sessions based on year 2 of their ITP.

- Setup and managed the backend of 3 different educational systems

- Delivered timely remote support throughout the month.

Foresta Rincon (Rincon):

- Gave 6 hours of in person training to their staff

- Hosted a back-to-school night for parents and trained them on the new systems and gave tech tips for parents. 

- Created and set up 3 new systems for the whole school based on their ITP. 

Tech My School Finances:

August was our best month financially speaking. We gratefully accepted $3,300 in donations, were given access to a host a complementary booth at the Bluetide Investment conference, and created a number of donation initiatives. If you are Act 60 or would like to contribute to our non profit, please consider donating to us. We do not charge schools anything for our service and donations, we are operational solely by the generosity from donors like you. 

Tech My School Products Created:

- We created 2 videos to build awareness to our mission and our brand

-  We created a full booth, with brochures, a standing banner, and a number of new SWAG items for the Bluetide Investment Conference

- We updated our website 

- We created a number of instructional videos for teachers 

- We designed 3 ITP's for our partner schools and started to implement them. 

Upcoming for the Month of September:

- Delivering excellent service and trainings to our partner schools and their communities

- Implementing TreeRing, a digital yearbook, for all 3 schools  

- Tech My School and Advantage Puerto Rico are planning a joint webinar to build awareness

- Meeting planned with the superintendent of Humacao 

Closing Message:

If you have made it this far, we thank you! If you would like to get involved with Tech My School in some way, please fill out this survey. If you would like to donate to our non profit, we would really appreciate that. You can do so here. If you know of any schools that need support, or that you think would be a good fit for us, please do not hesitate to connect us. We would love to meet with them and help even more children of Puerto Rico. Please feel free to reach out to us any time. We'd love to hear from you, and please share our message with your friends. Check us out on your favorite social media or forward this email to others. Thank you, and have a wonderful month of September. 🙏😃🍁

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