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Watchung Elementary School


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Your Dollars at Work in Watchung Elementary School!

Your gift to MFEE fuels programs that support Watchung teachers, parents, and students. Watchung teachers have boosted their learning through out-of-the box Professional Development grants; families have participated in MFEE Programs like America to Me, the Healing Huddles, the You Got This! Conference; and students benefit from the innovative grants funded below.


  • Remote Learning for World Language Websites
  • Enhancing Remote Learning for Students with Special Needs using IXL
  • Biomimicry: The Intersection of Biology and Technology
  • Scholastic News and StoryWorks Subscriptions
  • Online Subscriptions to Help Promote Engagement in the Classroom
  • A to Z Reading and Writing
  • Wilson Works in Kindergarten
  • Let's Talk About Books!
  • Catch Box In The Classroom
  • Sprucing up the Speech Room
  • Reading A-Z subscription
  • Storybook STEAM
  • Recording Studio monitor speakers
  • Meditation Cushions to facilitate, support and enhance mindful activities in the classroom.
  • Sensory Bundle
  • Zones of Regulation and Mindfulness with Students
  • Mindfulness Fundamentals
  • Category: Implementing the Social Thinking Methodology with Fidelity
  • Escape Activities for the Classroom (workshop)
  • Mindful Educator Essentials
  • Creating a Positive School Culture through Social Emotional Learning
  • Ready to Read! program
  • Flexible Seating
  • Abundance of Love
  • Connecting lLanguage learning to musical rhythms for greater retention.
  • Stem Success in Kindergarten
  • Listening Ears and Vibrant Voices
  • Breakout EDU kits
  • Flexible seating
  • Future Engineers of Watchung materials
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 8 Session Program PD
  • Kindness Rock Garden Project
  • Kindergarteners Rock at Reading!
  • Early reader Spanish chapter books & audio books
  • Full STEAM Ahead! program
  • Zooming in on Learning Document Camera
  • Let's Get Talking! Project to enhance speech skills
  • My America-Partner Readers -Book Titles in American History and Historical Fiction to enhance my curriculum.
  • Gathering Drums in Elementary Education
  • Family Game Night
  • Engaging with Ipads
  • Superflex! Building Flexibility in Social Problem Solving
  • Making it Meaningful: Lessons on Poverty and Hunger to Give Context to School Philanthropic Drives
  • Literature Connections: Reinforcing Social and Emotional Learning
  • Google Certified Educator Level 2 Boot Camp PD Workshop
  • Gelliarts: Monoprinting without a press
  • QR Codes and Math, Perfect Together!
  • Individual music dry erase boards
  • Be the TEAM in STEAM - Materials for Collaborative Science and Engineering Projects
  • Steam Lab Essentials - Materials to Enhance New STEAM Center
  • Books Galore! - Small Sets of High-Interest Literature for 4th Grade Book Clubs
  • Lighting a Love for Reading with Kindle Fires
  • Strengthening our Social and Emotional Toolbox
  • Move it With Simple Machines
  • Spicing up Science with Quality Nonfiction Science Books
  • 2nd Grade - Science Enrichment Materials
  • Fluency in World Language - Readers Theater Scripts and Materials
  • Manipulative Mania - Project-Based, Hands-On Learning Materials for all Kindergarteners
  • Google Boot Camp

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Their world has changed dramatically.

Our children face new challenges in an uncertain landscape.

And still, they shine.

Because you give them the tools & schools they need to thrive - 

not just survive.

You fund innovative teaching resources. For them.

You fuel rich learning experiences. For them.

You fund vital technology and the know-how for navigating it. For them.

You deepen racial literacy and a richer understanding of equity. For them.

You nurture their emotional and mental health. For them.

You do this for them. 

Because they will make the world better for us.



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Learn more about Healing Huddles.



249 supporters

$65,000 goal

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