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Spring Campaign: Please join us as we pursue an important goal to continue to support and grow a Free Press for All Mississippians! 

Right now, your donation is matched — $10 becomes $20, $100 becomes $200. We need your help to continue to offer deep-dive explanatory and solutions journalism for the Magnolia State. Thank you!

Thank you for contributing to our spring fundraising campaign! Your support is crucial in helping us continue our mission of a free press for all Mississippians. At our core, we know a free press is not just a slogan but vital to our democracy. That's why we prioritize stories that center everyday Mississippians, and we cover not only decisions in the halls of power but also the effects of those decisions on everyday Mississippians.

Our team is primarily made up of native Mississippians, and everyone on our staff loves our state and its people. We’re committed to centering the voices of all Mississippians, regardless of background or identity. We take pride in being Mississippi's most inclusive newsroom, and this is no accident. Donna and I are laser-focused on creating a newsroom that reflects Mississippi. We are of different races, ethnicities, gender identities and faiths. Inclusivity is about more than checking boxes - it's about creating a supportive environment where our team and our fellow Mississippians can speak their truth.

We are hyperlocal and hyper-focused on Mississippi. That’s our mission.

We can only do this critical work with you. As a 501(c)(3), we rely on donors like you to continue our work. Every dollar you contribute goes directly to expanding our newsroom and telling Mississippi stories focused on people, not politics. Your donation helps us keep the lights on and sends a powerful message that you believe in the importance of a free and independent press for Mississippi and the nation.

Thanks for supporting us with whatever you can. Everything counts when everything counts.

Kimberly Griffin

Publisher and Chief Revenue Officer

If you prefer to donate by check, make it payable to Mississippi Journalism and Education Group and mail to:

Mississippi Journalism and Education Group
125 S. Congress St., Suite 1324
Jackson, MS 39201

Email [email protected] to discuss other giving options.

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