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Miami Bible Fellowship's goal is to reach people with the life changing message of the Gospel, to serve and care for our neighbors and to help people follow and obey Jesus.

We seek to meet our goal by acknowledging that the Church is not a place or location, but a collection of individuals who have made a decision to follow and obey Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to create Missional Communities, where church happens within communities and are built around neighbors.

Miami, Florida is filled with communities that are, by design, limited in size and access. In my own community of Hardin Hammocks, there are 200, 3-4 bedroom houses and there is only one way to get in or out. 

Our first Missional Community is our own community, Hardin Hammocks, and we are dedicated to serving our community:

  • with good works of love and care,
  • telling our neighbors about our faith in Jesus Christ and
  • helping people who want to follow and obey Jesus through prayer, Bible Study, and fellowship
  • keeping church size small
  • (scroll to end to see a map)

As we grow, we will work in and with other communities to start and support additional missional communities.

Would you prayerfully consider giving to this mission?

Tax-Deductible Contributions:

All contributions are tax-deductible, as Miami Bible Fellowship is a registered church with the State of Florida. Please contact us after you make a contribution so we can send you a year-end contribution letter.


At the end of every yea, on or before January 31 of the proceeding year, a financial statement will be posted on our website (PDF), detailing the inflows and outflows of contributions and how each dollar is spent or reserved. This includes the actual salary and/or compensation provided to the pastor from any money contributed to Miami Bible Fellowship.  2020 Financial Statement


We are part of the Florida Baptist Convention and by extension, the Southern Baptist Convention (but you might consider us Bapti-costal :) We do not exclude fellowship based upon denominational affiliation or lack of one.


We have lots of beliefs that you might find interesting at our website: What does Miami Bible Fellowship believe?

Our Community: 10731 SW 225th St., Miami, Florida 33170


Thank you so much for your support!

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Campaign Ended

Share Fundraiser

Campaign Ended


8 Supporters

14% of $10,000 goal

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