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Everyone, this is one of the most difficult things we've had to write. Please get comfortable and stay with us until the end of this post. 

What a challenging, eventful, and rewarding three years we've had! We never could have imagined 2020 would be the year the world stood still for us all, and the changes we would make to navigate not only 2020, but the following years too. The changes we had to make here at Cotton Branch were dramatic and affected us all. Through everything, we are happy to say that the only effect on our residents was not getting to see lots of visitors and volunteers! They missed that, as they love all the extra attention from people coming to see them. 

We are so grateful to have had your support every step of the way. You helped us move mountains when we were faced with delivery delays, and drastic price increases in everything from feed to medication. We could never have done it without you! 

Just like in 2020, we are faced with another mountain to move; this mountain is the largest we've ever encountered and is made up of multiple layers. 🏔️

The largest portion of the mountain before us is The Deadly Health Crisis: One day, last spring, I went to check on Lloyd, who didn't show up for breakfast. I was shocked to discover this sweet, young, precious pig friend of mine deceased in his barn. As I wept and hugged his lifeless body, I called our vet for a necropsy. It was his heart. He had passed at middle age from something that shouldn't happen to such a young pig. After that, we began losing an unusual number of pigs from those we rescued from hoarding in Kentucky. We were distraught; they appeared perfectly healthy, and then we would find them having passed away in their sleep. Necropsies were coming back with similar results. 💔 We then had bloodwork and our vets determined that the vast majority of them had genetic defects due to the massive inbreeding and malnourishment before rescue. Heart, kidney, and liver issues, as well as cancers, are the most prevalent. Due to this, we made the decision that we could no longer, in good conscience, adopt any of them to new homes. This means they are not only now permanent residents, DOUBLING our permanent population, but many are starting medications and treatments to help prolong and save their lives. 😢

I cannot describe the heartbreak and pain this has caused all of us. These animals are our family; they are individuals with names, stories, and unique personalities. It has been earth-shattering. 💔

Our mental health has suffered, from Evan and I, to our wonderful caretakers and volunteers, as we spend our daily lives with them, and saying goodbye so many times has taken such a toll on us. 

This portion of the mountain is massive and requires not just us, but you, to help us move it. This is only one part of the mountain that we must move by December 2nd in order for us to continue being the lifeline for pigs in the southeast. 

🏔️ To move this mountain, we are setting a large goal through the rest of this year, and we believe that together, we can do this! 🙌

💖 Our Initial Goal by December 2nd:

🐷 25 Monthly Mountain Movers 🏔️ to Sponsor one of our Kentucky Herd residents each. You can sign up on this page!

⭐ $25 Silver Monthly Mountain Mover covers all basic care, including feed.

⭐ $50 Gold Monthly Mountain Mover covers all basic needs, and also covers all daily medication costs, and helps with quarterly bloodwork.

🙏 Mountain Movers 🏔️ to ensure we raise $15,000 in one-time gifts. Click Here to give a one-time gift: https://givebutter.com/movingmountains

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2 days 16 hours remaining

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