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This February I will once again strap on the gloves and  step up to fight for what I believe in.  

I started working out at a boxing gym after I graduated from Auburn in 2015 in order to loose some of the beer weight I had gained there, but when I heard that a buddy of mine from high school was putting together a charity fight night where every fighter got to get up and fight for what they believe in, I knew that I had really been getting ready for this the whole time. 

In the first two Brawls I fought in I won by TKO in the 3rd round and hopefully my undefeated streak will continue this year. I feel extra motivated to train as hard as I can after going to Kenya in March to help distribute the water filters that I had raised the money for.



Start With One Kenya is a non-profit with the goal to eliminate water born diseases throughout Kenya. Instead of trying to eliminate all dirty water at once and spreading themselves too thin, the focus on eliminating 100% one area at a time.

In March I went to the Islands of Lake Victoria with a team of 22 others to distribute the Uzima water filters.  Since we left the four islands we visited have seen over a 90% reduction in water born diseases, 93% reduction in money spent on treating water born diseases, 95% reduction in school days missed, and 97% reduction of work days missed. All of this has had a 2.7 million dollar financial impact on the area. Another way to look at this is that for every $1 donated there is a $56 difference made in someones life every year, that's a 560% increase! 

This March I will be going to Rongai, Kenya to distribute more water filters and hopefully see the same results that we had in Lake Victoria. Each filter only cost $40 and can provide clean water for a full house hold for 10 years. Please donate, and help spread the word so that we can knock out dirty water. 



69 supporters

$10,000 goal

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