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The Nova Music Festival is coming to New York City. 


On Friday, October 6, 2023, thousands of music and arts fans gathered for a celebration of life, peace, and music in Re’im Israel for the Nova Music Festival. The Nova attendees danced, sang, and celebrated life. At sunrise on Saturday morning, October 7th, the peaceful gathering was brutally interrupted when thousands of armed terrorists invaded Israel, killing 1,200 people total, including 370 from the Nova Music Festival, and kidnapping more than 250 – 44 of which were from Nova. 

The dream of the Nova Festival did not die at the massacre. 

The Nova Music Festival founders gathered once again to conceive a wide  & in-depth remembrance, created and directed by Reut Feingold.  The exhibition premiered in Tel Aviv for 10 weeks to thousands who witnessed and remembered the lives lost. 


Now the Nova founders and Feingold, joined by US partners, are bringing this large-scale remembrance installation to NYC. Together, they have created a sacred space echoing the weight of the victims’ and survivors’ memories, surrounded by remains salvaged from the festival grounds—scorched cars, bullet-riddled bathroom stalls, and personal belongings all left behind. 


Visitors will be invited to join a plea for the safe return of the 134 hostages who are still held in captivity by Hamas terorrists.  Nova survivors of the brutal attack will be attending, to bear as witnesses to the tragedy they experienced that day. 


Beyond the brutality and evil that occurred on October 7, the exhibition will capture the enduring spirit of the Nova Tribe with the installation of a healing tent. This special structure is a lighthouse declaring “We will dance again.”


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