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NuSol Radio launched on July 26, 2021, and has been quickly blazing a unique trail with its vibey Neo-Soul & R&B mix, entertaining on-air personalities, and worldwide demographic.  The existence of independent Black media in America is essential to its societal growth --- and you can help!

Please support us in our NuSol Radio Holiday Fundraiser as we work to further expand the NuSol Radio mission and brand.


Solsei & Co produces elite, emotion-evoking media and events that push the hard conversations needed to facilitate growth, both on macro and micro levels. Our purposeful media, campaigns, events, and products yield measurable results in the personal and professional lives of our team members, clients, and audience.

  • To evoke emotion and elevated thinking to spark social change
  • To address both micro and macro traumas to facilitate healing
  • To showcase Black art & success
  • To assist in the birth and growth of Black-Owned businesses & brands
  • To shift the narrative around Black Americans



50 supporters

$2,500 goal

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