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The Northwestern ACDA Honor Choir Access Fund


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Young singers from grades 4 to 12 have the opportunity to audition for one of six Northwestern ACDA Honor Choirs. This opportunity brings students together with passionate and talented peers from across the Northwestern region in a supportive choral community. These singers are transformed through an experience with diverse and inspiring conductors from across the United States.

The Northwestern ACDA Honor Choir Access Fund aims to increase opportunities for students who may face financial barriers to this transformative experience by providing tuition-registration scholarships. For 2024, this campaign aims to raise funds for all accepted honor choir singers who submit a financial aid application requesting either partial or full assistance on their registration fee. Financial aid applications will be sent to their choir directors on November 1, 2023 and will be due November 10.

We ask for your tax-deductible support: Sponsor a Singer for one or more days!

Student Singer Testimonials

Here is what some previous honor choir participants had to say about their experience:


How much does it cost to participate in a NW ACDA Honor Choir?

It costs a significant amount of money for a student to participate in an honor choir. Students and their families must pay for their registration (up to $240), meals, lodging for three nights, and transportation.

Sample Costs for Participation in 2024 NW ACDA 11-12th Grade SA Honor Choir, for a singer based in Portland, OR





$40 x 4 days = $160

Lodging in Conference Hotel (required)

$175 x 3 nights = $525

Transportation (example: drive from Portland, OR)

$50 x 2 (round-trip) = $100



What can I do to help?

The Northwestern Region of ACDA aims to provide as many students as possible with access to this life-changing opportunity and lessen their financial burden. With your financial support, the Northwestern ACDA Honor Choir Access Fund can offer financial scholarships to all students who ask for financial assistance. Your donation will be tax-deductible.

How much can I give?

No donation is too small or too large! We invite you to sponsor an Honor Choir student singer for one or more days:


Participation for 1 Day


Participation for 2 Days


Participation for 3 Days


Participation for 4 Days (entire registration fee)



How will this work?

Upon notification of the students’ acceptance into the honor choirs on November 1, 2023, their choir directors will receive a link to a financial aid application they can complete by November 10. By November 15, students will be notified how much financial aid they will be awarded. 

It is the goal of Northwestern ACDA to use funds raised in this campaign, along with donations from the state ACDA organizations, to meet the financial needs of all students who request financial aid so they only have to pay what they are able. In order to accomplish this task, we need your generous support.

If more funds are raised in this campaign than needed, they will be used for accepted honor choir students for the 2026 conference. These funds are restricted to this particular use.


Share Fundraiser

1 month 2 weeks remaining


11 Supporters

27% of $5,000 goal

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