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Join us in organizing our first-ever ABSA Chapter Summit in San Jose, California, where leaders of ABSA chapters across North America will gather to build a student movement that embodies the path and messages of the Ahlul-Bayt


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ABSA Network is excited to introduce our first-ever ABSA Chapter Summit: Leadership through the Lense of the Ahlul-Bayt for Muslim student leaders across North America & the United Kingdom! This summit includes interactive workshops from our Spiritual Director, Sheikh Faiyaz Jaffer & chapter leader discussions.

Through this leadership summit, we hope to equip student leaders with strategies, resources, & knowledge that can aid them in better serving their respective university communities & ABSA Chapters, such as:

  • How to get funding from university to serve under-represented Shia college communities
  • How to strengthen the Muslim identity in college campuses and grow the community 
  • How to shape intrafaith dialogue on university campuses and address misinformation about Shia Islam
  • How to provide professional development opportunities 
  • How to address students' wellness and mental health 

We need your support to accommodate our students and cover the attendance cost, transportation, and lodgings. We are trying to provide on average $250 financial aid for students travelling across North America!
ABSA Network Alumni will match what students donate.
Make sure you check the box if you are a student! 

View our conference details & schedule on www.absanetwork.com, for any conference questions including eligibility, financial aid, etc feel free to contact us at [email protected].



15 Supporters

35% of $5,000 goal

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