Billy Donation

Cute flea-bitten grey gelding who loves any and all attention. He and his best friend Ringo showed up together when the family who had them had outgrown them but wanted a good home for them. He even has a birthmark that looks like he was kissed on his muzzle!


Your compassionate gesture has the power to make a real difference in Billy's life. By making a donation, you directly contribute to providing essential care, nourishment, and medical support for Billy and his equine companions at Sanctuary Horses. Your support allows us to create a haven where these magnificent animals, like Billy, can thrive in a loving environment. Every contribution, inspired by a simple click, fuels our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for more horses in need. Your generosity brings us closer to ensuring a brighter and more secure future for Billy and all the Sanctuary Horses. We are truly grateful for your compassion and the positive impact you're making on their lives. 


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