Patient Assistance Fund

The Undiagnosed Diseases Network Foundation (UDNF) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for patients with undiagnosed and ultra-rare diseases through collaboration among patients, clinicians, and scientists. As part of our commitment to reducing disparities in healthcare access, we are introducing the Patient Assistance Fund.


This fund is aimed at providing vital support to individuals contending with ultra-rare and undiagnosed diseases by alleviating financial burdens associated with accessing life-saving medication, insurance premiums, co-pays, diagnostic tests, and travel expenses for clinical trials or consultations with disease specialists. Additionally, the fund may offer assistance for obtaining medical records, transcribing records into different languages, and providing other forms of aid tailored to the unique needs of patients facing these complex medical challenges.


The Patient Assistance Fund aligns with the UDNF's mission to improve access to diagnosis, research, and care for all individuals with undiagnosed and ultra-rare conditions, ensuring that no patient or family has to navigate the challenges of the unknown alone. Through embodying our values of compassion, empathy, social justice, and patient-centeredness, the UDNF strives to create a learning healthcare system where collaboration and innovation lead to better outcomes for those facing the complexities of undiagnosed and ultra-rare diseases.



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