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The Valley Kids Care Foundation (VKCF) was started with the mission of helping those in the community or connected to our Valley Family with chronic or life threatening illnesses to focus on Living Life!

We will always remember why we started our foundation on February 12, 2015 after co-owner and head coach of Valley Gymnastics Danielle was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the young age of 34. Danielle's philosophy for her gymnasts has always been to not only be the best gymnast you can be, but to be the best person in life that you can be! When Danielle sat her gymnast down to tell them the very personal information about her own cancer diagnoses, the gymnasts first response was "how are we going to help you because you make sure that we help everyone else". From there, not wanting it to be about her, Danielle turned this difficult time in her own life into a new learning experience for her gymnasts.

Today, the VKCF and the Valley family continue to strive to pay it forward to those in our community that need our help. Together, as a family we have taken many many life challenges and turned them into beautiful life lessons. We have learned that we didn't come this far, to only come this far. And that one of the most beautiful things about life is the way we choose to react & respond to everything and anything that gets sent our way.

We thank you for your support and helping us pay it forward!


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