End Titus VDM

In these tough economic times it’s hard to see people keep their dreams alive. Well dreams can be kept and dreams can go on with a little help. While trying to do something positive, it’s always something blocking you from achieving your goal. In the independent film world there are those who strive to become what God has made them and then there are those who give up. Video/filmmaking is not cheap; there are lots of things to consider such as: casting, production equipment, software, etc. This is where I am asking for a little help. Each donation you could make would go towards the production of End Titus. It doesn't matter if you donate even a dime; every little bit would help in keeping this dream alive for the production crew, the actors, and you the viewers. Creative Art Entertainment is striving to make a better place to keep people's hopes alive through entertainment and for them to realize that dreams can come true! For each donation there will also be a free End Titus VDM magnet for you!  Please email for details. Thank you for your help!

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