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Help us open up global supply chain data and make it freely available for all

Open Supply Hub has big ambitions for opening up supply chain data. Support us in that endeavor!


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Open Supply Hub launched on November 2nd, 2022 with a big ambition: to open up global supply chain data and make it available for all.

Supply chains are messy, complex and opaque. That complexity has meant that some of the greatest challenges of our time have remained undetected in supply chains: modern day slavery, spiraling greenhouse gas emissions, rampant deforestation and the impacts of climate change. We hear time and again that to address these pressing social and environmental concerns, we need collaboration. At Open Supply Hub, it's our belief that the key to catalyzing that collaboration is high quality, open supply chain data. Because when everyone working in global supply chains enjoys equal access to quality, open-licensed data, it leads to more sustainable and equitable outcomes for the most vulnerable communities affected by retail supply chains.

Brought to you by the team behind Open Apparel Registry, Open Supply Hub is an accessible, collaborative supply chain mapping platform, used and populated by stakeholders across sectors and supply chains. We're building the world's largest open map of production facilities, providing:

  • Reliable data
  • One common registry
  • A global overview of interconnected systems

Open Supply Hub exists for the benefit of all stakeholders in supply chains: from unions and civil society organizations operating in production regions, to factory groups, researchers, certification schemes and global brands, too - because without their data in the tool, we wouldn't be able to map the system. That huge range of organizations trusts us and shares their data with us, in no small part because we're a non-profit entity, not Silicon Valley's hottest new tech start-up.

Help us continue to maintain Open Supply Hub as a free tool by donating to our campaign. In turn, that will enable civil society to continue advocating for vulnerable workers in supply chains, multi-stakeholder initiatives can convene organizations to work on supply chain improvements, and researchers can demonstrate the impacts of climate change on production regions in order to inform international policy and legislation.

When everyone working in global supply chains enjoys equal access to quality data, opportunities rapidly open up to shift the industry onto a more sustainable and equitable path. The possibilities are endless.


Share Fundraiser

3 months remaining

Open Supply Hub, Inc.

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