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The Ozona Stockman newspaper is located in beautiful downtown Ozona, Texas, in the heart of Crockett County. The weekly newspaper has a circulation of around 1,800. The newspaper publishes every Wednesday. Since 1914, The Ozona Stockman has been devoted to covering the news in Ozona and Crockett County.

Readers like you understand how local journalism can benefit a community. We’re grateful you trust us to do this work — and we could not do it without you.

We’re asking you to make a tax-deductible donation to expand our local reporting on social, economic, and educational equity. Your donation to The Ozona Stockman — 2022 Local News Fund, via Local Media Foundation, will directly support this journalism effort.

The Ozona Stockman will allocate proceeds from this program to provide news coverage and/or investigative reporting, above and beyond routine coverage and operations, intended to inform, explain, and educate the community on all issues.

Your donation will help us tell these important local stories. Thanks for your support.

The 2022 Local News Fund is a program administered by Local Media Foundation (LMF), a 501(c)(3) organization affiliated with Local Media Association. The purpose of the program is to allow independent and family-owned news organizations to solicit tax-deductible donations from their communities for journalism projects that focus on critical local issues. Contributions to this program are tax-deductible to the full extent of U.S. law; please consult a tax advisor for details.

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