Park County Recall -Sponsored by S.P.O.

Park County Commissioners Ray Douglas & Dick Elsner have violated their Sacred Constitutional Oath & they must be removed. We need funding to do that effectively!


Fundraising Recall Effort (Give Butter Campaign) hosted by and paid for by South Park Outsiders

We are starting the Recall efforts to recall Park County commissioners Richard Elsner & Ray Douglas! 


We need funding for all marketing, administrative costs to print petitions and market for the recall efforts, supplies to circulate petitions in our very large county, banners, Ad's in papers (one is running as of 9/3/21 for 8 weeks minimum in Flume for petition signatures to start), spaces to meet that ask for a donation fee,  etc.. 

We need 3700 signatures so let's raise $3700 minimum to start!!!

You can look over our other past campaigns to see where other money we have raised has gone, how our Board OF THE PEOPLE works & looks to make everything transparent, how we are educating around our rights and freedoms and fighting for justice and holding all our government officials to account in this county. We are not fundraising in support of any candidate. 

Any questions refer to our main website 

Recall questions 

Recall Effort Funding hosted by and paid for by South Park Outsiders


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