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Recall Scottsdale School Board Members! Every $3 helps us gather another signature!


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Every Three Dollars in Donations Helps Us Gather Another Valid Signature!

How many signatures can you help us in securing safe schools where kids are first, parents matter, and the politics are left at the door?

URGENT DONATIONS NEEDED: Bottled Water, Snacks, Stamps

Former Scottsdale Unified School District President Jann-Michael Greenburg was removed from the Board as President while his gross misconduct is investigated, but he refuses to resign! Vice-President Julie Cieniawski refuses to condemn the harm done to parents and students. The Scottsdale Unified School Board misused funds, pushed a political agenda in the schools against parents' wishes, and closed school board meetings from public comment. Students have been put in harm's way! It's time to Fire Board Members Greenburg & Cieniawski and send a clear message that Students and Parents Matter!

We are raising money to support efforts to defend parents and fire School Board members that violate parental rights! Don't let this happen to more parents and kids!

We need your help in collecting over 25,000 signatures by December 17th to recall Greenburg and Cieniawski. We also desperately need notaries! To sign up to volunteer, go toĀ

Donations for bottled water and snacks to keep our volunteers going are also appreciated! Please drop donations off between 9 am and 7 pm at 9445 EĀ Doubletree Ranch Rd, Scottsdale, AZ.



84 supporters

$5,000 goal

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