Pathways To Trust

At Pathways To Trust, our mission is to bring the rare disease patient’s needs to the center of provider, institutional and industry healthcare treatment goals.

​In healthcare, the patient's needs and goals can get lost. They are not a focus in medical schools, in continuing medical education and often, not even in their own medical care. No group understands this more than the rare disease population.

Rare disease patients also face the high hurdles of implicit bias in healthcare settings. Sometimes they face racial bias, sometimes gender bias. And because their symptoms and conditions are so complex and difficult to diagnose, there is often a bias that paints rare disease patients as attention-seekers, drug-seekers, or emotionally unstable in general.

​We founded Pathways To Trust in 2020 to bring all rare disease stakeholders together to share perspectives and collaboratively create interactive educational programs and communities centered on patient-identified goals Your support helps us bring together all these perspectives with the patient's voice at the center, fostering trust among all stakeholders and building a better healthcare system that is responsive, empathetic, and focused on patient-identified outcomes.

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