“I was one of those kids once who people thought was always ‘okay,’ but I needed a mentor more than anything,” wrote Dan, a former Christian school student. Christian school students like him are not immune from pornography addiction, depression and self-harm, family breakdown, bullying, or any other issues commonly found among youth today, and they want and need help!

For 34 years, Purposeful Connections (formerly known as Coastlands Consultants) has helped students connect more deeply with God, adults, and each other through providing spiritual emphasis weeks to Christian schools, with a strong focus on mentoring. Over the years, however, we’ve grown increasingly concerned about the significant rise in the number of youths who lack important intergenerational relationships, and there simply aren’t enough teachers, youth pastors, coaches, and Purposeful Connections team members to meet the needs of every student. As a result, we’ve developed a new program to equip adults and Christian school students to form intentional, purposeful, and beneficial connections that grow over time. Mentoring was always the heart of Coastlands, and it continues to be the heart of Purposeful Connections as we seek to meet the needs of today’s youth most effectively!

Will you partner with us to help these young people not only survive, but thrive?

Purposeful Connections

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