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Celebrate the Peacebuilding Work of Human Rights Defenders on Int'l Peace Day

Consider making a donation today towards peace to support the peacebuilding work of Human Rights Defenders around the globe!


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Organized by PBI-USA


Happy International Peace Day! Today we recognize and celebrate the courageous work of human rights defenders around the world. September is also a time in PBI when our country group boards and project committees spend time reflecting and planning for the coming year. For PBIUSA, September also marks the end of our fiscal year and our final opportunity to meet our fundraising goals. Each year, we transfer at least one quarter to over 50% of our budget overseas to directly support our international work. Each dollar we raise allows us to increase our support of our field teams which therein grows their capacity to support more threatened human rights defenders. We know the impact of every dollar raised so to close out the month, we are contacting our supporters to ask for a donation during our fiscal yearend final fundraising push!

PBI is a leading NGO working to protect human rights defenders at risk. Each day human rights defenders speak out for the rights of others. Each day they risk their livelihoods, their liberty and, in many cases, their lives. Attacks, abductions, and assassinations are on the increase - over 350 peaceful defenders were murdered for their peaceful human rights work in 2021, and thousands more faced threats, harassment, and wrongful arrest.

No other organization in the world supports threatened human rights defenders in the way PBI does. We stand alongside human rights defenders, we learn from them, and echo their voices. We keep them safe, and we work to ensure their voices are heard.

We provide life-saving support to community leaders and other human rights defenders in some of the most dangerous countries in the world, with field projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa.



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