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In September 2020, a volunteer and their family built the Peace Pantry for the San José Peace and Justice Center. The Peace Pantry program tackles the pervasive issue of food insecurity and its link to extractive capitalist structures in order to ensure universal access to healthy food through collective community care, education, and advocacy. The ideology is simple: take what you need, share what you can. 

We have seen wonderful contributions to the pantry from community members. Unfortunately, it is often more empty than full. While we do have a number of people and groups in our network who have been able to contribute food and supplies to the Pantry, we could do so much more with your help!

In an act of community care, any contribution you make will be directed towards purchasing food, toiletries, water, hand sanitizer, and much more to stock the Peace Pantry!

We are also asking for your help to continue developing our Peace Pantry program and provide mutual aid for our local community. The goal of installing Peace Pantries all throughout San José is one that we will work hard with our community to achieve!



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