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The problem:

More often than not, pediatric patients are faced with lots of medical terms and concepts that are difficult for any non-medical personnel to understand completely. Kids go to the doctors for countless reasons not completely knowing exactly why they're there, what they're facing, and how they're going to deal with it. These kids are often overlooked—the focus being the parents and caretakers despite the fact that these young patients are the ones that are actually undergoing the confusing and tolling circumstances. 

Our solution: 

Pedi-Ed simplifies such terms and concepts through short, engaging videos specific to different conditions as well as general health. By providing support and the tools to better understand conditions, Pedi-Ed empowers young patients to help improve care for themselves. In exploring the impact that pediatric-patient education and support has on overall patient care, Pedi-Ed strives to raise the standard for pediatric-patient care.

Our story:

After having the opportunity to work in a pediatric clinic, I noticed that there was a bit of disconnect between pediatric patients and their conditions—many of these kids were faced with scary, complicated conditions but had no real grasp on what was actually going on. There was one child who stood out to me; he had a rather simple condition with a really complicated name. He didn't know what he should tell his friends when they ask what is wrong with him and why he goes to the doctor all of the time. No one had any substantial explanation for him and no one seemed to think he deserved one. All this child knew was that he had some sort of heart condition, had to go to the doctor pretty frequently, and that he was going to be alright. These things were all true, but there was so much more than just that. With little to no information about what was actually going on, the child was left confused and unsure. All he needed was a simple explanation, but for some reason that didn't exist. 

With one, he could be reassured, informed, and with such understanding, more capable of taking charge of his own health. There had to be something we could do. 

-Ahaana, Founder 

Your help:

Through your donations, Pedi-Ed will be able continue to develop and improve our content across several pediatric issues beyond our current array of videos. With your help, we will have the opportunity to provide more kids with comprehensive, informative videos to bridge the gaps between medicine, children and families. 

  • 20$ will help Pedi-Ed expand and improve our content for all kids!
  • 50$ will cover all of the costs associated with creating one minute of video content
  • 150$ will cover all of the costs associated with creating a full new video
  • 200+$ will help Pedi-Ed grow to make our videos and information accessible to all pediatric patients

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Ahaana Singh

Ahaana is a third year undergraduate at UC Berkeley. She founded Pedi-Ed in an effort to improve pediatric patient education throughout healthcare after witnessing the lack of understanding amongst many pediatric patients. As a Public Health major on the pre-med track, Ahaana has a deep passion and interest for both pediatrics and global health and hopes to foster her skills in the medical and public health fields. 

Adam DeAngelo

Adam is currently a Junior at Boston University majoring in Film and T.V. and has always been interested in animation. Adam hopes his illustrations will aid Pedi-Ed and allow children to easily understand the conditions they've been diagnosed with.

Caroline McGuire 

Caroline is a third year undergraduate at  UC Berkeley. She is a Molecular and Cellular Biology major on the pre-med track and hopes to further Pedi-Ed's outreach through impactful communication with the doctors and professionals in the greater San Francisco area and beyond.



46 supporters

$5,000 goal

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