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The problem: 

More often than not, pediatric patients are faced with lots of medical terms and concepts that are difficult for any non-medical personnel to understand completely. Kids go to the doctors for countless reasons not completely knowing exactly why they're there, what they're facing, and how they're going to deal with it. These kids are often overlooked—the focus being the parents and caretakers despite the fact that these young patients are the ones that are actually undergoing the confusing and tolling circumstances. 

Our solution: 

Pedi-Ed simplifies such terms and concepts through short, engaging videos specific to different conditions as well as general health. By providing support and the tools to better understand conditions, Pedi-Ed empowers young patients to help improve care for themselves. In exploring the impact that pediatric-patient education and support has on overall patient care, Pedi-Ed strives to raise the standard for pediatric-patient care. Check out our website at or our youtube page at…

Our story:

After having the opportunity to work in a pediatric clinic, I noticed that there was a bit of disconnect between pediatric patients and their conditions—many of these kids were faced with scary, complicated conditions but had no real grasp on what was actually going on. There was one child who stood out to me; he had a rather simple condition with a really complicated name. He didn't know what he should tell his friends when they ask what is wrong with him and why he goes to the doctor all of the time. No one had any substantial explanation for him and no one seemed to think he deserved one. All this child knew was that he had some sort of heart condition, had to go to the doctor pretty frequently, and that he was going to be alright. These things were all true, but there was so much more than just that. With little to no information about what was actually going on, the child was left confused and unsure. All he needed was a simple explanation, but for some reason that didn't exist. 

With one, he could be reassured, informed, and with such understanding, more capable of taking charge of his own health. There had to be something we could do. 

-Ahaana, Founder 

Your help:

Through your donations, Pedi-Ed will be able continue to develop and improve our content across several pediatric issues beyond our current array of videos. With your help, we will have the opportunity to provide more kids with comprehensive, informative videos to bridge the gaps between medicine, children and families. 

  • $20 will allow us to produce and distribute Pedi-Ed coloring pages to 3 pediatric patients in Bay Area waiting rooms!
  • $50 will  allow us to develop illustrations for one minute of video content!
  • $250 will cover all of the costs associated with creating a full new video
  • $300+ will help Pedi-Ed grow to make our videos and information accessible to all pediatric patients

What we've accomplished:

Since we started in 2016 we have created a full section of videos on cardiac illnesses and procedures and a general video about "How the Heart Works".  In addition, we have created partnerships with It's My Heart New England, Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation, Yale New Haven Children's Hospital, and Pediatric Congenital Heart Association.   This past spring we won the Berkeley Haas Social Venture Fund, which is helping us continue to grow and provides us with guidance and entrepreneurial coaching.  Finally, stay tuned for a literature review explaining the need for pediatric patient education from a few of our amazing team members!  We also have a facebook page, like us at: to stay updated with Pedi-ed!!

Future Plans:

Pedi-ed has lots of plans for the upcoming future, and you can help us get there!  We are developing new content for a variety of conditions.  Next up is endocrinology.  The videos that we are currently developing include:

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 1 genetics
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Blood sugar tests
  • Insulin pens and pumps
  • How to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent the progression of Type 2 diabetes

In addition, we are continuing to develop our youtube page and are in the process of creating short informative videos on general health concepts.  Look out for a website revamp that includes games and new coloring pages featuring Afi and Zozo!

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What you all are doing is so valuable. I have seen first-hand the imminent need for the work you are doing!! Rock on!!!!!

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6 months ago


GMA and I enjoyed watching your Pedi-Ed video on Facebook yesterday, and think you have joined an outstanding group of bright and motivated people!

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6 months ago

Lots of love!

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Proud of you.

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