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Moms House For Children works in the Loreto Region of the Amazon Jungle. Loreto is a region that makes up ⅓ of the geographical expanse of Peru. Loreto contains 8 provinces (states) and 53 districts. This part of Peru sees little government support. The population of this region is close to 1,000,000. That said, there are many remote villages and tribes that are “off the grid” so to speak, so we estimate this number to be quite larger.

Clean Water Project 


This is the most important project. Currently, they drink from the river, which contains every contaminant known to mankind. Bacteria, virus, parasites, (including Cholera), oil spills, other chemicals, human waste, animal waste and plant waste.

Our “signature” village is Nueve de Octubre (yes - it’s the date the town was formed). This village has 800 people, all drinking from the river, including over 250 children. These people along the river live in multidimensional poverty, which means lacking everything. Bringing clean water to this village will do more than provide good health, it will give them hope. Currently, Moms House For Children is their only hope as there are no other NGOs, nonprofits, or government agencies assisting with this need.

We estimate the project being $20,000 USD, however, due to inflation and unforeseeable issues, we need to raise $30,000 for any additional costs. These funds will be dispersed as follows:

*Cost for water engineering firm

*Cost for labor (we will choose the family members that have no jobs and need the income)

*Cost for supplies

If we are under budget, those extra funds will be allocated to the other needs in the village, as shown below.

Lunch Program and Farming Initiative

Food scarcity is a huge issue. Due to the lockdown, several local lodges and businesses closed. A loss of work, loss of employment, loss of tourism, coupled with inflation has crippled the people along the river. Again, Moms House For Children are the only “helpers” for this community. Our lunch program will feed over 250 children, pregnant mothers, elderly and extremely hungry. Everyone in this community struggles for food.

We know we must create sustainability. Our farming initiative in Africa is a huge success. We want to expand their current farm to include produce they can provide for themselves. Currently, they sell everything they can and eat whatever they can find. Our monthly cost for providing a lunch program for the kids is $4,000. This prompts us to create our farming initiative to create that sustainable solution as soon as possible.


Enrichment Programs 

Sadly, up to 75% of children do not attend school, or don’t complete their education. The government requires families to provide uniforms and school supplies to attend school. Although this village has a school, few attend. We know that empowering girls and all children to continue their studies is how to end the cycle of poverty. We want all the children to attend school. We intend to provide all the school age children the supplies and uniforms to get them back to school.

Another important need for these children is to learn English. We have teachers and a curriculum already built to teach the entire community English. This is imperative to procure good employment, as it is a heavily tourism based economy. If you can speak English, you can get a job! All of this is long game, but necessary to change the trajectory of the children’s lives and their children’s lives.



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