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Hello friends, family and the amazing members of the greater Concord community!! 

Update: June 22, 2019

We have sad news to share.... Cedra's battle with Cancer ended today. She passed away peacefully with amazing memories and feeling loved with her husband, her best friend and her parents by her side at the Hospice House in Concord.  We are so very grateful to Cedra's friends, family, and the greater Concord community, as so many have stepped up to help Cedra, Eliot, Nicholas, Maddie, and Liam through this difficult time. Thank you all for your much-needed love, prayers, and support.

While Cedra's battle has ended, the financial challenges remain for her family. In addition to the medical bills and burial costs, there are legal fees associated with helping to maintain Cedra's final wishes to keep her family together. If you are able, we would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Thank you all for your support through these difficult weeks and months. While Cedra was a very private person, she certainly appreciated feeling the love and caring of so many.

Update: June 20, 2019

We cannot express how grateful we are for the love and support that has been continuously shown to Cedra and her family over these past few months. We wish we had better news to share, but unfortunately the battle Cedra is facing is becoming increasingly more difficult. We would like to give this campaign another "push" to help with the mounting medical bills as this is one way we can help in what seems like a very helpless situation. If there is anyone you are comfortable sharing this message with in a private way please do so. Cedra has continued to ask for privacy and we would like to respect that but know how many people have been impacted over the years by her smile, giggle and care that we want the whole community to wrap her and her children up in the biggest hug possible right now. 

Original Message: 

The love and generosity that has been shown in the past few weeks to help Cedra and her family is amazing!  If someone has shared this link with you, you probably know Cedra, Elliot, Nicholas, Maddie and Liam in some way or another. Cedra Christiansen is going through some incredibly difficult times right now and we are hoping to collectively work together to show support for her and her family. 

Cedra is undergoing treatment for an aggressive cancer that has been spreading throughout her body. She has chosen to keep this private and as a result we want to respect that and not set up a public page (like a go fund me on a social platform). Please share this link with others you  may know through direct messages, text messages or emails. Please do not post it publicly as a "share" on a social media platform. 

Cedra is not able to work right now and her paid time off is running out quickly. Her treatment/medical bills are mounting and raising 3 children means the other expenses don't stop while she battles cancer.  With three (amazing) kids in private school, summer camps, her own college loans, car payment, and expensive trips to Boston for treatment with parking and gas costs - any help will go a long way. 

If you would like to donate, Beth and Katherine have set up this account to collect donations and send to Cedra.
Follow the link to donate and you have the option to use paypal/venmo/credit card to donate.  No amount is too small and if you rather reach out to Beth or Katherine and we will send you her address if you want to send something to her directly. Gas cards, Grocery Cards, Amazon credit, etc would all help.  We support the privacy Cedra has chosen during this time so know that she will love the support but may not reply right away. 

For the past 10 days, this has been a secret from Cedra. Today we were able to swing by and drop off huge cards with all of the messages of support and a check for $10,000!!!! We have been asked to keep the page open as there are others who would like to contribute so we will do that! We know Cedra would say this is not necessary; however we want her to feel the collective love we can show to support her and her family during this time. 

Thank you all for your help, support, and love for Cedra!

Beth & Katherine

Our contact info:

Beth- [email protected] 603-491-1159 

Katherine - [email protected] 603-783-1875 


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