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Support Portland's independent music community with your donation! 

MusicPortland Bridge's Independent Musician Empowerment Grant is the only grant fund specifically created to support our popular music creators in Portland. Our independent music scene is respected as a hotbed of inventive, emerging talent and “the next big thing.” In Portland, our artists value creativity over commerce and innovation over imitation.

But rising living costs and the presumption that music should be free threatens artists individually and our treasured music scene as a whole. This will be the first grant program designed to support the creative projects of professional artists in the ways they need it; make a record, fund a tour, hire a publicist, buy new gear, take time to write, etc. etc. Without creative support, our music ecology will not continue to be awesome and distinct. 

Every donation can be earmarked for a General Fund or a BIPOC-Specific Fund. MusicPortland Bridge is committed to counteracting our region's historical under-investment in artists of color.

Please consider a donation of any size to support the creative spirit of Portland music. All donations are tax-deductible and every donation enters the donor into the Do Stuff. Win Sh*t Sweepstakes during January!  

Portland Music Month

This fund is also supported by Portland Music Month, a festival of live music events in Portland, January 2022. $1 of ticket price from every participating show is donated to the Musician Fund. Due to the Omicron variant expected to wash over Oregon during January, these benefit shows may contribute significantly less than anticipated. It's a perfect time to donate directly and help make up the difference.

About MusicPortland Bridge:

MusicPortland Bridge is the first charitable organization dedicated the support of Portland-area independent music culture. We support local independent music creators and BIPOC music entrepreneurs through artistic, cultural, educational and public interest programs. We are committed to empowering creative musical excellence, professional development, fiscal support, and community engagement, with equity and inclusion a central priority. 

Your donation supports our work, from advocacy and our Portland Music History Project, to individual Artist Grants and support for underserved music business entrepreneurs. 

MusicPortland Bridge is a 501(c)(3) creative empowerment program of the Charitable Partnership Fund, EIN #93-1267966. 



14 supporters

$30,000 goal

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