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euleli was born out of the necessity of rest...

The founding women of this community wellness space, Decoda Johnson, Kait Austin, and Vanessa Wells, needed a disruption from our lives as we knew it.

We had given a lot of ourselves & we were exhausted.

What started out as an idea for a bathhouse for women to recharge quickly highlighted a greater need...

In speaking with a lot of our Black female friends & peers, we were hearing common experiences: lack of diversity, lack of equity, & issues with inclusiveness in their work life.

A lot of Black women shared their frustrations about being overworked, overlooked, & unheard in their daily lives.

We discussed the need for a safe space for Black women to find rest & restoration in personalized & communal ways. We decided to address this need.

We identified the following during our initial planning:

- What self care means to us

- Shame and guilt associated with self care for Black women

- The need to provide access to comprehensive wellness services in our communities

- Rest as a form of activism

From there, euleli was born.

To see how we intend to use the funds please click HERE


Share Fundraiser


29 Supporters

0% of $20,000,000 goal