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The Power of Connection

We are so very grateful to those that support this ministry and we with your help, we can continue on our mission to end the hopelessness of our teens, to provide that safe space to share real-life struggles, to receive love, encouargement and support.  We are mindful of the power of gratitude, it propels us forward to reach more teens and their families!  The Power of Connection has become an ongoing campaign to fuel our teens' journey to a brighter future.  

We are currently serving over 200 teenagers in six locations throughout Scott County with 12 active support groups, currently with 6 groups taking place within the Scott County schools.   What began in September 2017 continues with a mission to end the hopelessness of our teens, provide programs that help to meet the need of those teens that are hurting and struggling.  Our costs on average run $53.51 per student every month. Here's an example of some of our monthly expenses.

-One-to-One Mentoring/Support groups $50 per student/month.  Providing our group leaders or mentors with the resources to take a student to lunch or coffee, go to the movies, go bowling, to the the local gym, or just help pay for gas/incidental expenses.  

-Transportation is a huge barrier, fuel for three vans $500/month, plus fuel cards that are using personal vehicles.

-Meals/Snacks $215/month.  

-Volunteer training/education $150/month

Your giving empowers teens to experience a path toward hope. Teens can enjoy a safe space of support, feel a sense of belonging, feel loved, find encouragement and never alone.  Be part of the solution...connection is a valuable lifeline and can make a very powerful impact! Build a hopeful tomorrow by giving today.


Organized by The Well Ministries
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