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This fund raising campaign is a continuation of our efforts of the now closed GoFundMe campaign, where we raised $6.5k:  

Why are we starting a new campaign here on GiveButter?

  1. We've run into both technical and logistic limitations with the gofundme platform.  GiveButter has features we'll be able to leverage to help raise more awareness and funds moving forward.
  2. The Perednik Foundation has been formed as a 501c3 allowing us to mark your donations as charitable and be a tax credit.  With the non-profit in-place we now have the backend structure to support our efforts as we continue to grow. 
  3. With the non-profit formed we had to draw a delineation between before non-profit and after to help ensure accounting records are kept clean.
  4. We will have additional goals and projects we'll be working on moving forward in which the GiveButter platform allows us to create related campaigns under the umbrella of the Perednik Foundation.
  5. We will be asking for additional funds to help establish foundational things like: Insurance, shelving/storage supplies, book keeping, and additional materials we may need in the future.
  6. Since demand has slowed down and we have access to supplies, this was a good time to start on a new platform and focus on what the future needs may be given the warnings we've heard of a COVID19 resurgence in the fall.
  7. We have expanded beyond the medical community and are working with schools, voting organizations, and other non-profits where we need to have the proper back end structure to support them and provide free options vs the paid ones that exist.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping. '” Mr. Rogers

 As a result of the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), a group of residents has formed PA (formerly Phoenixville) COVID Makers to manufacture small batches of PPE that can be made available to critical organizations in need. 

100% of the funds are used to pay for the materials to make face shields and cloth masks.  The 3D printing, sewing, assembly, cleaning, packaging, and delivery is done by volunteers. Our shields are a combination of the headband design approved by European Union health organizations and the shield design was contributed by Dwayne Myers and Shai Perednik.

The group has now delivered over 17,335 3D printed face shields and 7,969 cloth masks!  The PPE has gone to dozens of facilities including police and fire companies, hospitals, senior centers, veterinary hospitals, rehab centers, and many others.

 For more information, photos and to place a request, visit our website at PPE for PA 

Google photos folder 

List of Where We Have Delivered

We are the helpers!  

Face shields in use at Einstein Medical in Norristown, PA

Face shield in use at Chester County Hospital

Face shield in use with West End Fire Company, Phoenixville, PA

Prepped shields and masks ready for delivery

Stack of 50 face shields

Face shields ready for delivery

Cloth masks are not a replacement for N95 masks but they are based on the pattern recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. Our masks may or may not have elastic depending upon availability.

Example cloth face mask


Shai Perednik received a new donation from Jim Weaver, Perkiomen Valley

1 day ago


Thank you so much for your efforts! We greatly appreciate it! It sure is nice to know that we have great people that are helping all of us through these difficult times!

Shai Perednik received a new donation from Nate Skacel

1 month ago


Bob Mac made a donation

1 month ago


Nahid Motahar made a donation

2 months ago


Jennifer Zavertnik made a donation

2 months ago


Thank you all SO much for dedicating so much of your time and energy for making much needed PPE for our area to keep everyone safe. Your work is the definition of essential!

Chris Ross received a new donation from Joanne F. Kraus

3 months ago


Thank-you for the sign...and more importantly for all that you do to keep our communities safe!

Shai Perednik received a new donation from Karen Beam

3 months ago


Thank you for your hard work to keep people safe. Your work is heroic!

Chris Ross received a new donation from Halak Family

3 months ago


Thank you for this wonderful & greatly appreciated work!

Chris Ross received a new donation from Amy Durocher

3 months ago


Keep up the good work!

Laura Warner made a donation

3 months ago


Gina Allegretti made a donation

3 months ago


Thanks for all that you are doing! I’m a healthcare worker and greatly appreciate your efforts.

Christine Doerr made a donation

3 months ago


Thank you for all you are doing!

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