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We are a student, startup non-profit organization that is dedicated to the reduction in global health inequalities, and promotion of a healthier planet.

What we are doing

We have recently launched Project Embrace with the hopes that we can execute our first campaign of donations this summer to an orphanage located in Hyderabad, India. Basically, we want to send over sustainable medical materials and devices to this facility knowing that these devices can be repurposed and reused for a child in need across the globe. 


I was a volunteer at a local hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah that helped make all kinds of these devices and more often than you'd think, these kinds of medical devices were being thrown away without a second glance. This was mainly on the assumption that they've reach the end of the road and cannot be used again. What was even more shocking was how these devices were being thrown out... They either went to a landfill, were incinerated, or ended up in the closet of a patient that no longer knew needed them. 

This was a problem, and one I knew I could fix.

For me, the solution was simple, we want to take these devices and instead of throwing them out, get them to the hands of professional across the globe so they can be used again for someone who needs them. This helps reduce the amount of medical waste from developed communities in the US, while simultaneously helping patients in need abroad.

How can I help?

Currently, we are looking to send our first shipment of donations this summer. The costs to make this happen are overwhelming for me and my student team. By helping us reach our financial goal, you will be helping us not only gain a stronger base to operate on, but will directly be responsible for the shipping, handling and delivery of our medical donations to children in need this summer! 

Where your donation goes towards:

Our operations ensure the 1) collection, 2) sanitation, 3) shipment, and 4) delivery of our donations. We want to make this process as stress-free as possible for our donors and beneficiaries. That being said, there are A LOT of fees, permits, memberships, and supplies that need to be purchases before we can operate, and your donations will be directly used for the mechanisms needed to collect, sanitize, ship, and deliver our first round of donations.

Because we are an international non-profit organization, we have the obligation to not only remain transparent and ethical to how we do things but we also are required to operate on the import laws of our target country. Each country varies in their regulatory standards and international law can get very sticky, very fast. Our team has done extensive research with professionals in healthcare, business, law, international regulations, the FDA, and the non-profit sector alike, to ensure that we have all of our bases covered before moving forward. That being said, there is still a lot of paperwork and questions that need to be asked but we need your help to make sure that we get all the necessary work done, and paid for, before we ship this summer. 

The last thing we want to happen is for us to ship our donations and then for them to get stuck in customs over in India because we failed to buy the right permit, or decided to risk it because we didn't have the funds to purchase the correct permit.

Basically, we have already done the necessary research, now we just need to the funds to move forward.

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And thank you, for Giving Global Good. 

-Mohan Sudabattula


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Good Luck!

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For the children

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Keep it up Mohan!

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Solid cause, with a fantastic leader!

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