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Replace the Roof on the Maine State Building

In 2023, Maine Senator Susan Collins secured federal funding for numerous projects across Maine, including replacing the roof on the Maine State Building. A $278,000 grant was secured for this project. This grant requires a 1:1 match.


The Maine State Building was built as the state's entry for the Columbian Exposition. All the materials were sent from Maine to Chicago, and built there by architect Charles Sumner Frost. Following the fair, the building was to be dismantled, as were the other 200+ buildings, however the Ricker family of Poland Spring, Maine had just won an award for their Poland Water at the fair, and had a desire to save the building and showcase their award. They purchased the building from the state, dismantled and rebuilt the building on Poland Spring property, reopening it as a library and art gallery for their hotel guests. The first library to open at a hotel resort.


Today The Maine State Building is used as a museum and art gallery, housing thousands of artifacts from Poland Spring Resort, and the 1893 Columbian Exposition. It is one of just five buildings that remain from the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago, and the ONLY state building that remains. We are proud that it is the only building from the 1893 fair that you can visit on the east coast!


Please consider donating to help us replace the roof!


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