Artists' Retreats

April 5-21, 2024, Italy

September 10-25, 2024, Ireland

Senegal TBD

You are invited to step out of your day-to-day life and to be part of one of our artistic retreats. The retreats ask you to recognize that the role of the artist is meaningful enough to nurture. They revolve around bringing the creative into our daily lives, permitting life to revolve around the creative self.

Too often we accept daily life as a distraction rather than an invitation to our work as artists to reveal the deeper, often hidden meaning of our existence. Participants will be invited to be mindful that each moment in our lives offers us the material for creation.

During studio time artists work alone or near one another. During the retreat individual conversation will be held as the facilitators visit the artists. The surroundings provide magical settings within which the artist may work with the subject and in the style and form that most engages them. Opportunities abound to consider the landscape, architecture, figure, still life or simply the light as a subject. Artists work in many mediums on our retreats including painting,

mixed media, drawing, or sculpture.

Guided conversations are held on two afternoons (Dialogues with Art) and several evenings after dinner (Artist Vision), where the facilitators weave the community of artists together with elements of story, poetry, and the experiences of the day. These conversations may examine issues dealt with by artists such as: experiencing art, learning to talk about each other’s art, our role as artists in our society, accessing and recognizing our vision, special needs we have as artists, and talking about our work with others.

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