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CREOKS Health Services is seeking your help to provide electronic tablets to individuals and families in need, throughout the communities we serve.  As COVID-19 increased in Oklahoma we looked to electronic technology to continue to provide services to children, adults and families. We've transition many in-clinic services and resources to be provided remotely over the phone, and through video conferencing and telehealth. This makes it possible for our clients, of all ages, to continue to receive regular care and timely medication refills. Unfortunately, many of those we serve DO NOT have electronic devices, meaning they're likely to experience a lapse in care and potentially regress.

Please consider donating funds via this site for the purchase of tablets.  If you'd like to donate a tablet or tablets of any size or brand, please email [email protected]

We're all in this together and we appreciate you!

More info:   CREOKS is a non-profit 501(c) 3 tax exempt organization.  CREOKS Health Services is an established, non-profit organization providing comprehensive health, wellness and social services.  Our behavioral health division has been serving communities in Oklahoma since 1980. We have 23 clinics across Oklahoma where we provide quality behavioral health and social services. Our reputation has allowed us to work with local agencies, schools, and civic organizations to help individuals and families.  CREOKS is certified by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and nationally accredited by CARF.  Visit


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Supporting this organization I believe in <3

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Keep on doing the good work. The world needs it!

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