Uplifting Women through Radical Generosity

Alone we can be generous. Together, we can be radically generous.


220 Supporters

104% of $30,000 goal


Let's love radically as we close out 2021!

Join us by impacting the life of a woman or child in crisis through a tax-deductible gift to Uplift. Research proves the compounding effect of when one woman is helped, she then turns around and brings others up with her - usually her family + other women. Your generosity today will therefore, undoubtedly, have a ripple effect in the future.

Your generosity can help women + children in crisis:

  • $1000  Rescue from a dangerous situation
  • $500   Monthly housing for a homeless single mother + children
  • $200   Nutritious food for a children + mother with food insecurities
  • $100   Urgent medical need
  • $50    Transportation bundle
  • $25    Hygiene products
  • $10    Food for baby + mother

Our goal is to raise $30K in 30 days to publicly launch, allowing us to make a difference in the lives of women + children who need our support now. 

Please join us by donating today - every dollar raised will impact a woman or child in crisis, or on the brink of crisis!



220 Supporters

104% of $30,000 goal

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