San Bernardino for Rapid Recovery

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San Bernardino for Rapid Recovery

San Bernardino for Rapid Recovery is a community organization based in San Bernardino, California. We focus on vaccine equity and rapid health intervention through the lens of community, bringing together a coalition of community members and service-based organizations for the distribution of vaccines, rapid tests, and mutual aid boxes of food and clothing.


As California works towards recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the reality is that some communities, including many in the Inland Empire, will be left behind and harshly impacted for years. We believe that this inequity is unacceptable, as it will only further exacerbate health care vulnerabilities that preceded the pandemic and have historically plagued the region. This moment of organized recovery, therefore, presents a great opportunity to address not only the inequities posed by the pandemic but also the larger, systemic issues that permeate the IE healthcare ecosystem. Investing in community infrastructure and in the next generation of healthcare leadership will give us the opportunity to build sustainable systems that can transform the way the Inland Empire responds to future health-related challenges.

SB Rapid Recovery strives to ensure that working families and vulnerable populations in the IE have adequate access to the vaccine and COVID-19 resources. Please consider donating as we seek to build a movement towards equitable recovery. For more information, email us at [email protected] and follow us at @sbrapidrecovery on all platforms.

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