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Red Door Community - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re featuring one of our frequent FHIXers, Kacey Koeppel, who is also the Vice President of Philanthropy at Red Door Community, the preeminent nonprofit cancer support organization.

For over 27 years, Red Door Community (formerly Gilda’s Club, NYC) has provided 100% FREE emotional and educational support to anyone and everyone impacted by cancer.

What are some ways Red Door is making an impact?

For better or worse, Cancer is not going away anytime soon, and we have yet to fully understand the long-term impact COVID-19 will have on us all. The disruption of health services over the last two years has resulted in millions of missed or postponed appointments, screenings, and follow ups for patients, and the American Cancer Society reports an anticipated 1.9 million new cancer cases in the United States will be diagnosed by the end of this year, alone. The need for Red Door Community is critical now more than ever — We believe that no one should face cancer alone. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

Here are some quotes from Red Door Community members, who have directly benefitted from our programs:

“Because of Red Door I don’t ever have to feel alone, and I don’t have to choose if I’m going to laugh or cry because I know that both are OK and good and allowed. Sometimes they even happen at the same time.”

“This is the place that for 2-1/2 years and counting has been a source of comfort and support during the most horrific, most surreal period of my family’s lives, and to have a place in our community providing such vital services, for free is just an amazing, noble thing.”

“I say this from the depths of my heart that the women in my support group mean so much to me, and I would not be able to navigate this road without them. Because to me, cancer is just the beginning, and as Red Door Community says, you should never have to face it alone. And none of us ever will.

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