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Why support Reel Youth Film Camp?
Reel Youth Film Camp offers film programs created for BIPOC youth in underserved communities. Our programs will be located in the communities that we serve and community-driven. We will encourage, mentor, and teach students how to tell a story through the art of filmmaking. Reel Youth Film Camp recognizes that BIPOC youth thrive when they are taught and mentored by qualified instructors who look and sound like they do; Instructors who understand the challenges and nuances unique to people of color. 

The creation of Reel Youth
In 2018, Tiffany Bennett and Obadiah Freeman (Film Camp instructors) met Ben Leiataua (Program Manager) at a week-long youth film camp located in the Southend of Seattle. Although successful, they all agreed that the one thing the film camp was lacking was the attendance of BIPOC students. It was ironic that the film camp took place in an area of Seattle with one of the most diverse zip codes (98188) in the United States. They considered what could have been done to include this group of students. Some of the key issues they realized were the cost of the camp, access to the location, and more importantly lack of understanding, and/or connections to underprivileged communities. We decided to create a program that addresses these barriers.

Help inspire the next generation of BIPOC filmmakers

Help us achieve our goal to teach and inspire as many BIPOC youths in the art of filmmaking. Help them tell their stories. Thank you for your donation and support!

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