Renaissance Men is a professional vocal ensemble based in Boston, performing in venues and concert halls in New England and across the United States. Like the multi-talented individuals of the Renaissance, our programs feature a wide variety of musical styles and instrumentation with a focus on lower voices.

Our History

The Boston choral scene is a vigorous one, teeming with artistic outlets for ensemble performance, but lacking groups devoted to the wealth of repertoire written throughout the centuries for tenor and bass voices. Renaissance Men was formed in January of 2014 as a response to this artistic need. Since their inception, Renaissance Men (RenMen) have entertained New England audiences with their diverse musical choices and multi-talented performers. Comprised of Boston and New York’s most active chamber musicians, educators, and music aficionados, RenMen have paved their way into New England’s cultural landscape with ten concert series, performances of U.S. and world premieres by internationally-celebrated composers, and two album releases.

Renaissance Men Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (TIN: 82-1719415) that believes in advancing the art of chamber music through world-class performance, education, and commissions. We count on donors to support our programming. Give today to support quality music programming in New England and throughout the United States.

We are grateful to the following individuals who have contributed to Renaissance Men in the past year:

*Denotes Top Supporters

Alyssa Albertelli

Rosalyn Año

Michelle and Doug Arbeely

Lisa Barsamian Green

Marcella Behman

Peter Bell

Thomas Best

Jennifer Bowman

Kathleen Bragdon

Lisbeth Burns

Joseph Campanelli

Maria Chase

Catherine and John Daniel

Matthew DeSutter and Donna Paglia

Bill Dotterweich

Lindsey and Joe Duggan

Laura Fowler

Gina Francis

Beth Healy

Wilson and Kate Hoyle

Kirsten Johnson

Marina Kalb

Jane Kelley

Patricia Krol

*Anita Kupris

*Cathy and Lance LaFave

Carolyn Lemone

*Rebecca Clark Lightcap

Gregory Manousos

*Anne and Joe Marvan

Lynne McCarthy

Terry McEnany

*Margaret and Brian McNeill

*Michael and Ginger Milbury

Ronald Mis

John and Christine Mizzi

Tami Moffitt

Jay and Laurel Mullen

*Ed and Jennifer Murphy

*John and Karla Pastore

Jon and Callie Posnik

Maureen Prapestis

Jill Purpura

Patty Quigley

*Robert and Deborah Reardon

*Lucille Rossignol

Michael Scanlon

*Chuck Schwager

*Randy and Janet Seidl

Susan Simon

*Chris Sole

*Mary Sullivan

*Dorrie Taylor

Susan Wagner

Kristen Whitaker

Laura Wilson

Julie and Eric Woodard

Renaissance Men, Inc.

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 82-1719415