Rescue Kitties of Hawai'i Fundraiser for Homeless Kitties Medical Care

“Rescue Kitties of Hawai’i is a very small group of dedicated, hardworking volunteers who work around the clock to save the most critical kitties in medical need on the island of Oahu. Everyday we are pulling sick, injured, tortured, shot, abused, cats/kittens used as live bait in dog fighting, poisoned cats, etc., in dire need of help and urgent medical care. There are no No-Kill shelters to drop them off to be treated. We lovingly do it all ourselves. You can imagine being on a small island with limited resources, plus with the COVID-19 pandemic, how this has created gridlock and backlog in the veterinary services.

All cats require access to spay/neuter, vaccines and affordable medical care. Most of the kitties are pulled from the streets/wild in need of critical emergency vet care. Our funds are continuously depleted and we cannot keep up with the overwhelming demand to save all our Hawaiian kitties, which is our passion and daily goal.

Finding quality adopters in Hawai’i is very difficult. There is a lot of paperwork, vet visits, and planning required to fly cats out of Hawai’i. Plus, the airfare costs are high.

Most domesticated cats are abandoned, dumped, and pushed out the door to fend for themselves in the wild when their ‘families’ move off the island.

RKH has been very successful at shipping hundreds of cats to our non-profit rescue partners in many different states on the mainland. There is a higher demand for adoptable kitties there, and safe, indoor, quality homes.

And, we want this success to continue with the help of our amazing donors, volunteers, and fundraisers, we are most grateful for everyone’s help and participation to save our Hawaiian kitties.”

Maraya Pierro, RKH Founder

Organized by Rescue Kitties of Hawaii
[email protected]