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Breathe with Playa: Help Bring "Respirator" to Life at Burning Man 2023

BM 2023 Art Installation


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Organized by 706 North America


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"Playa is, for me, a personification of an unpredictable temperament. When I wandered over the lakebed, she was sometimes quiet as a creeping cat, rubbing your hair, and sometimes tyrannical as a hawk, merciless to all creatures with flying sand and stone. She is changing, minute by minute.

As I imagine a piece of art on the playa, I envision something similar: light, amorphous, and constantly changing, like the sandstorm on the playa. I want such an artwork to externalize the amorphous power that has been nurtured in this riverbed and I seek a way to allow the public to breathe with it.”

- Eva Wei, the lead artist behind Respirator.




The installation is a living embodiment of the Playa's respiratory system. while the transparent cube serves as the skin, both protecting and displaying its inner workings to the world. The openings of the cube act as the pores of its skin, with which it breathes and interacts with the outside, inviting those who venture near to witness its pulsating life force.

The installation beckons visitors to pause and feel the wild breath of the land captured and coalesced within its walls. As one steps inside, the wind squeezes from different directions, a reminder of the untamed force that shaped this ancient terrain. With every breath, visitors inhale the same frequency as the Playa, and the original heartbeat of the land is felt within. The installation invites all to embrace the magic of the Playa, to surrender to its power, and to emerge transformed.


[Luminous bubble at night]

About Respirator

Respirator is a 10’x10’x10’ transparent cube (may slightly scale up/down as we develop and raise fund) crafted from a metal frame and shell made of either acrylic or polycarbonate sheets. 

Its vibrant, translucent interior features multi-colored chambers, made of rainbow vinyl or fabric, resembling the delicate alveoli of a living lung, inviting visitors to step inside and witness the beauty within. By night, LED lights or fiber optic fabric illuminates the chambers, creating an otherworldly experience.

Through its apertures, Respirator interacts with the environment, catching the power of passing storms and embodying the very breath of the desert itself. Visitors are welcome to step inside and experience the wonder of its vibrant interior, a testament to the raw power and beauty of the desert.

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About Ourselves

We are a team of passionate artists, architects, programmers, and creators who share the connections through our community - 706. 706 is a Chinese community that originated in Beijing and has since expanded globally. We work to bring people together, to facilitate meaningful connections among young professionals, and to support spaces that prototype innovative approaches to cultivating an open, creative society.

Last year, our team brought our camp to Playa, and we noticed the lack of representation of Chinese artists in the Playa art scene. This year, we have decided to take matters into our own hands and create an art installation ourselves. It's our very first time attempting such a project, and we know that the journey ahead will be filled with challenges that we can't overcome without your support.

The funds raised will go towards purchasing all necessary materials and equipment to complete the installation, as well as enabling us to promote the project and share it with the wider community. We believe that the creative process is a collaborative one, and if you have experience in building, crafting, structure calculation, or any other related fields, and are interested in our project, please feel free to contact us immediately!

We are grateful for any support you can provide and hope that you will join us in this amazing process.  Donate now and become a part of this enchanting journey!

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Thank you for your support

As a token of our appreciation, we have some special rewards for our donors:

- For those who donate $20 - $50, we will send you a beautifully hand-crafted postcard.

- If you donate $50-$200, you'll receive a stunning printmaking poster featuring a special design inspired by our installation.

- If you donate $200-$400,  we will send you a unique hand-made tote bag, featuring the logo of our installation.

- If you donate $400-$800, you'll receive a high-quality 3D printed model of our art that you can display it in your home.

- For our most generous donors who donate $800 or more, you'll receive a beautiful acrylic model of our installation.


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Share Fundraiser


116 Supporters

66% of $5,000 goal

706 North America

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