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My name is Denise Gonzales, proud Owner and Founder of the beautiful store Luz de Luna, located on ‪24th St/Calle 24‬ in the heart of the Latino Cultural District of San Francisco. I established my store in December 2008, always having the desire to bring diversified cultures and traditions from around the world into a place where people could enjoy and appreciate the extensive selection of Frida Kahlo collections, Day of the Dead ( our specialties) and all the Folk Art, Religious artifacts and traditions from all over the world, as well as New and Vintage jewelry and more.

Unfortunately, before the pandemic, my shop had to close on 9/30/2019 due to a City ordinance for retrofitting (for earthquake safety measures). We were supposed to reopen by the end of ‪April 2020‬... but, the pandemic happened, so now, after all these months and almost ready to reopen, I find myself in a very tough place; because, I was not able to qualify for various types of loans offered to small businesses. Therefore, I need to seek support from the community to help me out during the Reopening, to rehire the employees that worked with me, and to REVIVE our store. Then we can give back to the people of San Francisco a place to enjoy, and to support the local artists that we once helped in the past!

Thank you very much, I know that with your support I will pull through these tough times.

Muchas gracias, sé que con su apoyo superaré estos tiempos difíciles.

Que Viva Luz de Luna!


*Campaign to support Luz de Luna was created by Calle 24. 100% of donations will go directly to Denise Gonzales. 

Photos by Mabel Jimenez-Hernandez (@mabeljmnz)


Sean San José made a donation

1 hour ago


gracias por todo!!!

Anonymous made a donation

5 days ago

Angela Alvarez received a new donation from Andrea Spillmann-Gajek

6 days ago


Gabriela Velazquez made a donation

6 days ago


Alexandria Perez made a donation

6 days ago


looking forward to coming back to the store!

Anonymous made a donation

1 week ago


Denise - I have found and bought so many delightful gifts in your shop and I look forward to seeing Luz de Luna back in business soon. Wishing you the best.

Anonymous made a donation

1 week ago

pma made a donation

1 week ago


Denise and Luz de Luna are a community treasure. We are here to support you, and I can't wait to visit again!

Tymesha Bovell made a donation

1 week ago


Jim Crampton made a donation

1 week ago


Lived in S.F. 30 years ago, but visit ate least once a year. Your store is one of my favorites and a must stop for me, so imagines my surprise when I last went and the place was gutted! Come back! Su empreza está una estrella brillante y la corazón de la comunidad!

Laura Mazzola made a donation

1 week ago


Patrice Catanio made a donation

1 week ago


Love your store and want to be able to shop there again!!!

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