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The River Music Experience needs your support!

We celebrate the transformative power of music, building our music scene for the benefit of every Quad Citizen. 

Today, we need your help to continue.
We will not only survive this incredible challenge: We will grow and thrive,
having greater impact on our community than ever before.

A lot has changed in the past six months, but our mission hasn’t: 
The life-changing power of music is more important than ever.

  • Music brings people together when it seems like everything else is tearing us apart.
  • Music brings creative joy to young people, helping them find their voice.
  • Music teaches life skills: confidence, public speaking, self-expression.
  • Music builds our economy, creating jobs, generating tourism, and retaining a talented workforce.

Music improves our lives and our community. When music wins, we all win.


We are working hard to continue sharing the joy of music with our whole region. In the midst of the pandemic, we have continued to invent creative new ways to bring music to our community:

  • MUSIC LAB: Bringing education and creativity directly into homes through daily livestreams and Mediacom broadcasts, reaching more than 25,000 viewers since March. Viewers have tuned in from more than 25 states and the United Kingdom!
  • CURBSIDE CONCERTS: Employing local musicians to deliver live music to more than 5,000 audience members in neighborhoods throughout the Quad Cities since April.
  • STREAMING LIVE MUSIC: Popular free series like Solitary Sessions and J.A.M. Sessions have reached more than 4,000 and generated financial support for local musicians

We are on a journey to build our local music scene and give everyone access to music.  
Kids and schools need our educational programs more than ever. And we need your support to provide these programs. 

We can and will make a difference…with your help.

Today, we’re asking you to join our team. Help make our community a better place by making a gift today.

Double Your IMPACT!

Our Honorary Chairs Will Match Every $1 You Donate Today!

Meet our Honorary Campaign Chairs: Rusty & Doris Unterzuber & KV Dahl

Rusty & Doris Unterzuber are long-time believers in RME’s mission. And now they’ve issued a challenge: pledging $7,000 in matching funds to this campaign.

In support of the leadership shown by the Unterzubers, former board member and long-time supporter KV Dahl has pledged another $3,000 in matching funds in support of this challenge.

Total Matching Funds: $10,000

That's right: every dollar you give will be matched by our Honorary Chairs up to $10,000.

If you give today, no matter the amount, your gift will be DOUBLED!

Thank you for supporting music in our community!



Support RME!


133 supporters

$30,000 goal

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EIN 43-2005678